Existence Denied (with Guest Solos)

from by Inner Sanctum



Guest Solos by (in order of appearance):
Christopher Amott (Armageddon, Ex-Arch Enemy)
Daniel Mongrain (Voivod, Martyr, Ex-Gorguts, Ex- Cryptopsy, Capharnaum)
James Murphy (Ex- Death, Ex-Testament, Ex-Obituary, Ex-Lazarus A.D.)


Narrow minds of our race,
Leads through a dream that’s cursed.
Obsessed with ourselves we’re,
Claimed owners of the universe.
Souls sold to the darkness.

Relentless atmosphere,
Of greed that brings a peace, to our souls.
This dark mankind will still exist.
With guns as faith, and bullets as hope.

Removed from reality,
Our perception of us.
Disaster will strike us,
Forests will burn away,
Our sins brought us this far.

Relentless atmosphere,
On this earth that brings humans close,
To fall and burn and be extinct
Buried with time and robbed of hope.
This world is, relentless, in unforgiving us,
For our, sins will, leave us to be

Denied! Fucking Denied .

Fantasies of domination, it has led us astray.
Greed, religion, corporate regimes.
These are the crimes, of men that deem reason,
As unfit for living, now they’ll die in screams.

This earth will have its vengeance, our world it will slay
Free it from all humans, with its holy wrath.
These violent storms, wipe civilizations.
Clears the planet, for a new reign.


from Legions Awake, released April 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Inner Sanctum Bengaluru, India

Inner Sanctum is India's premier metal band and is Asia's benchmark in the thrash/death metal genre. Inner Sanctum was awarded the "Band of the Year 2007", "Band of the year 2009" and “Emerging Band of the year 2010”.

Inner Sanctum has supported metal band(s) Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Carcass, Sikth, Karnivool and Periphery etc.
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